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Date Event Status
31 May 2014 Draft Statement of Issues and draft Guidelines for Participation issued for public comment. Completed

1  - 30 June 2014

Receive comments on the draft Statement of Issues and the draft Guidelines for Participation.Completed
1 – 31 July 2014 Consider comments on the draft Statement of Issues and the draft Guidelines for Participation. Completed
1 August 2014

Publishing of:

  1. Guidelines for Participation,
  2. Statement of Issues,
  3. Administrative Timetable,
  4. Guideline for Submissions of Technical Data and Analysis, and
  5. Call for full submissions.


1 August 2014 –

31 October 2014

Stakeholders make full submissions on subject matter of the inquiry.

After closing date, publication of submissions received.


1 November 2014 –

30 April 2015

Analyse information submitted.

Issue questionnaires, requests for further information, and summonses as may be required.

Conduct direct consultations, site visits, workshops, seminars, and surveys.

Complete research studies.

Preparing for public hearings.

31 March 2015Closing date for participants to register to make an oral submission at public hearings.Completed

1 May 2015 –

31 July 2015

Public hearings Pending
August –September 2015Prepare provisional report.Pending
September  2015Publish provisional report for comment.Pending
October 2015Receive stakeholder comments on provisional report.Pending
November 2015Final reportPending